Day in the life of the Governor

A day in the life of the Governor

On any given day, the Queensland’s Governor program comprises a diverse mix of constitutional, ceremonial and community activities and responsibilities. While the Governor officiates at many high-profile ceremonial events, a large portion of the Governor’s time is also spent reading and receiving briefings on a broad range of issues, as well as undertaking administrative tasks to execute the constitutional responsibilities of the role 

What does the Queensland Governor do?

The sample two-day program outlined below provides an insight into how the Governor’s time may be scheduled on a typical day.

Day 1


Meet with Aide-de-camp for a briefing on the day’s program.

Meet with the Official Secretary for a briefing on urgent business.

Depart Government House to Chair a meeting of the Executive Council.

Return to Government House and host a morning tea for a community organisation and deliver a short speech to the group.


Sign a Bill of Assent and attend to paperwork resulting from the Executive Council meeting.

Administrative time spent reviewing invitations and documentation for the swearing in of a new Minister as well as speech preparations for an upcoming event.

Receive a diplomatic caller.


Host a reception at Government House in honour of a visiting international business delegation and deliver a speech to the group.

Day 2


Meet with the Aide for a briefing on the day’s events.

Meet with the Deputy Official Secretary and Office Manager for an update on a series of upcoming investiture ceremonies.

Sign congratulatory messages and prepare a message for a Patron organisation’s silver anniversary publication.

Make a brief welcome to a visiting school group to Government House.

Depart Government House and travel to a regional city in Queensland.


Attend a community event and present their annual awards.

Meet with the local Mayor and visit an arts organisation.

Administrative work, reviewing briefs and speech preparation.


Deliver a keynote address at a business conference organised by a Patron group and attend the VIP dinner.