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 at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Education Centre, Herston

Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Foundation 2019 Research Grant Awards

Thank you, Mrs Murphy, for your kind introduction this afternoon. I welcome our special guests, and our many foundation supporters.

It is my privilege to join you today in celebrating the vibrant research community of the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Foundation.

We are here to honour, not only the incredible work accomplished within this community, but also the tenure of Peter Treseder, to whom we give our gratitude for the outstanding contribution made as foundation CEO over the past decade.

Thank you, Peter.

Peter steps down at an interesting time in the history of the foundation, as the dynamics of health care in Brisbane faces inevitable change.

Our population is not only growing, but also ageing, with about 34 per cent of us set to be over 65 by the year 2026.

This will place unprecedented demand on the efficiencies of our health care system.

And, as the numbers change, the delivery of health care in Queensland changes too.

Innovations in digital health and new technologies have the potential to make a profound improvement in health outcomes for our population.

This revolution in the way our hospitals approach patient care presents tremendous opportunity.

But it also brings significant challenges.

That is why, as our State transforms, the efforts of everyone associated with the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Foundation is more vital than ever before.

From researchers and practitioners, to fundraisers and philanthropists, each of you has an important role to play in this journey.

As the proud Patron of the foundation, I applaud you for the difference you have made, and indeed continue to make, to the health of our community.

Investment in the field of medical research remains crucial to the public interest.

The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Foundation is an exemplar in this endeavour.

The individual donors, businesses, large organisations and community groups who provide donations and ongoing financial support really do make this research possible.

Their generosity is a very solid stone on which this foundation has been built.

To this ‘Royal Family’, as they are so aptly and fondly named, I extend the gratitude of all Queenslanders, and I look forward to officially acknowledging you in just a few moments.

Now, as it is December, it would be remiss of me to end without wishing you a very happy, safe and joyous festive season.

We look forward to celebrating the continued success of the foundation in 2019 and beyond!

Thank you.