Gavel's first week at Fernberg

IMG 9237

It’s fair to say Gavel has been putting his best paw forward during his first week at Government House!

The 10 week-old German Shepherd puppy is a new recruit to the Queensland Police Dog Training Program.

Gavel will live on site, and while he will very much be part of Government House life for the next 12 months, attending functions and meeting State guests, he won’t necessarily receive the Royal treatment – at the end of the year, Gavel will be assessed for suitability to continue in the training program.

While at Fernberg, Gavel will also receive basic obedience training, although he demonstrated a commendable understanding of protocol when His Excellency received him in the Governor’s Study for the first time shortly after his arrival.

1 HE Study

Gavel has demonstrated his softer side during his first week.

2 Flower

And he met some new friends.

3 Police

On Wednesday this week, Gavel was officially presented to the Governor by Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart at a special ceremony at Government House.

4 Entry

A ceremonial dog coat was placed on Gavel during the formalities, which displays Gavel’s name, the Governor’s Standard and the emblem of the Queensland Police Service.

5 Coat

Gavel even managed to make his TV debut.

6 Kendall

Although in the end, Gavel’s big first week took its toll…

7 Sleeping