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Saturday 09 February 2019

A message from His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales to Queenslanders affected by the floods

Having been only too aware in recent months of the dreadful drought and bushfires to which the people of Queensland have been subjected, my wife and I were horrified to hear of the devastating floods now affecting Northern Queensland.  Our most heartfelt sympathy goes out to all those forced to evacuate their homes and who have suffered so much as a result.

I also want to extend our particular gratitude to the emergency personnel, government officials and volunteers who continue to assist with the response effort.  I know only too well that once the immediate crisis ends, there is still a long and difficult road ahead, made even more challenging, of course, by the increasingly severe ravages of climate change, which promises to be far more immediate and considerably more far-reaching than we had thought or feared.

Our special thoughts and prayers are with all Queenslanders in these most challenging of times.