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Tuesday 25 August 2020

His Excellency the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC, Governor of Queensland, congratulates the following Queenslanders named in the August 2020 Bravery List:

Bravery Medal: Mr William Brett Moller, Gordonvale QLD

Mr William Moller displayed considerable bravery during the rescue of woman from a vehicle submerged in flood waters at Aloomba in Queensland on 29 December 2018.

Mr Moller was at home with his wife and daughters when they heard a noise outside. At the time the area was experiencing torrential rain.  On venturing outside he saw the headlights of a car bobbing up and down in a nearby flooded creek and could hear a woman yelling for help.

The woman had driven the car into the swollen creek and it began to float downstream.  With the car filling with water the woman climbed onto the roof and managed to grab onto an overhanging tree branch when the vehicle struck a tree.

Without hesitation, Mr Moller instructed his family to get torches and ropes and he entered the muddy, fast flowing water and, despite the strong current, managed to make his way to where the woman was clinging onto the branch, to which he also grabbed. 

He reassured the frightened woman and encouraged her to follow his lead and release her hold of the branch.  The pair dropped into the fast flowing water and began swimming with the current towards the bank.  After approximately 30 metres they were able to grab hold of some partially submerged tree branches.  They worked their way closer to the bank, swimming from tree branch to tree branch until the woman gained her footing.

Mr Moller's daughters were then able to pull the woman to safety.  Mr Moller and his family comforted the woman until emergency services arrived.

Commendation for Brave Conduct: Senior Constable John William Dijkstra, Cairns QLD

Senior Constable John Dijkstra is commended for brave conduct for his actions during the rescue of a man from a submerged vehicle in Cairns in Queensland on 23 September 2018.

At 6.45pm Senior Constable Dijkstra was driving with two other officers near Smiths Creek when he saw a tourist bus and trailer drive into the creek.  He immediately drove to where the bus was and saw it quickly filling with water.

Despite the creek being a known habitat of crocodiles, and with the other two officers keeping an eye out for any crocodiles, he quickly entered the water and made his way to the bus, which by now was nearly completely submerged.  He saw the driver's head bob up and the man call for help before disappearing under the water.  After several attempts Senior Constable Dijkstra managed to grab hold of the driver and pull him out through the broken windscreen.

He then dragged the driver through mangroves and onto the bank and placed him in the recovery position.  Queensland Ambulance Services officers arrived on scene and took the driver to hospital.

Commendation for Brave Conduct: Mr Glen Aaron Hardy, Stuart QLD 

Mr Glen Hardy is commended for brave conduct for his actions during the rescue of people from flooded streets in Townsville in Queensland on 3 February 2019.

In the early evening Mr Hardy, a Townsville Council dump truck driver who had volunteered to help emergency services evacuate people from flooded areas after extreme rainfall, was helping to relocate 60 men, women and children from the suburb of Idalia in a council truck.

When the truck became stranded in rising flood waters the people on board became very anxious.  Despite concerns raised by the Queensland Police Service Officer who was in the truck's cab with him, Mr Hardy immediately exited the vehicle and, in waist deep, fast flowing water, moved about the truck in an attempt to discover what had caused it to become bogged.

Other emergency services were called and on their arrival evacuated 30 people from the truck.  A Council grader also arrived to tow the stricken truck and the remaining evacuees out of the rising floodwaters.  Without regard for his own safety, and now in complete darkness, Mr Hardy took the tow rope from the grader and on multiple occasions duck dived under his vehicle in an attempt to locate an anchor point for the tow rope.

Once the tow rope was secured under the truck, the grader began the delicate process of towing the truck to safety.