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Monday 06 July 2020

His Excellency the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC, Governor of Queensland, today presented Australian Honours and Awards to the following Queenslanders:





Member of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For significant service to medicine, as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital and St Andrews Private Hospital, serving in academic positions at the University of Queensland, and in leadership roles in a range of allied professional bodies at local, State, national and international level.



Group Bravery Citation

In the early evening of 29 May 2016, Mr John Hendrikus Verbeek and other members of the public were involved in the rescue of a woman from a burning vehicle at Palm Beach in Queensland.

Just after 6pm, a car travelling at high speed left the road near an intersection, leaving the road and crashing into a power pole.  Debris was strewn over a large area as the vehicle was split in two and then caught alight.

A passer-by stopped her vehicle and ran to the wrecked car.  Other drivers then stopped to assist and they managed to pull the deployed airbags off the injured female driver.

With fire coming through the windscreen and footwell, one person reached into the car and tried to pull the woman free, whilst another person supported the unresponsive driver.  With flames getting more intense, a rescuer placed herself between the driver and the flames and manipulated the woman's arms and legs from underneath the steering wheel and the dashboard.

Shattered glass covered the driver and the five rescuers, including Mr Verbeek, continued to manoeuvre her and the front seat until they were able to pull her from the vehicle.

The injured woman was moved away from the vehicle and her vital signs were checked by one of the rescuers who was a doctor.  Moments later the damaged vehicle erupted into flames.

For his actions, Mr Verbeek is recognised by the award of the Group Bravery Citation.



Commendation for Brave Conduct

In the evening of 17 July 2016, Mr Daniel McDonald assisted in the rescue of a woman from a burning house at Coolum in Queensland.

Mr McDonald was at home when his neighbour arrived and told him about a fire in the house across the street.

Both men ran to the smoke covered property, jumped the fence and began checking the front door and windows which were hot to the touch. The men then went around to the back of the house and checked a rear window and door. They opened the back door and Mr McDonald’s neighbour entered the smoke-filled house.

When his neighbour was about one metre inside the house, he saw an unconscious female. He dragged the woman outside and Mr McDonald assisted him to take her away from the burning house, placing her in the recovery position. At that stage, the woman was breathing and her body was covered in soot.

Mr McDonald and his neighbour, believing that there may be more occupants in the house, entered the burning dwelling and made their way down the hallway before being forced back due to the intensity of the flames and heat.

They then moved the woman to the front of the property where her condition deteriorated. Mr McDonald, along with other neighbours, began to douse the house with water.

Sadly the woman did not survive the incident.

For his actions, Mr McDonald is commended for brave conduct.



Member of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For significant service to education, through academic and administrative positions at the University of Queensland; to the law, as an author and editor of journals and authoritative texts, and president and Australian administrator of the Jessup Moot Competition; and to the community, through service with the Australian Red Cross.





Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For service to higher education, as a botanist, teacher and researcher at the University of Queensland, contributing significantly to the discipline, and to the community through volunteer efforts, including for the University’s Alumni Book Fair, the Queensland Naturalists Club, the Royal Geographical Society of Queensland, and Save the Children, Kenmore branch.



Public Service Medal

For outstanding public service to local government administration in Queensland, in roles through to Chief Executive Officer in various small remote councils across the State, progressing a range of cost-effective infrastructure and community development initiatives, participating in regional bodies and collaborative arrangements, and empowering and developing team members, especially Indigenous staff.



Medal of the Order of Australia in the Military Division

For meritorious performance of duty as Regimental Sergeant Major, in personnel management, instructional leadership, executive events coordination and ceremonial event management in the Australian Defence Force through exceptional commitment and conspicuous professionalism, influencing the success of many complex, high-profile ceremonial events and the training of Sergeant Majors from both the United States and Australian Armies, thereby enhancing the ADF’s reputation internationally.



Member of the Order of Australia In the General Division

For significant service to higher education, particularly to chemical engineering, as an academic in the School of Chemical Engineering at the University of Queensland, author of over 260 journal articles, developer of two patents in centrifuge performance, and as co-editor of the centennial history of chemical engineering at the University.



Australian Fire Service Medal

For service to the Queensland community through the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, most notably in Technical Rescue including the development of curriculum and QFES capability in Swiftwater Floodwater Rescue and Urban Search and Rescue, and dedication to continuous improvement in equipment, systems and processes that support safe and effective QFES operations that save the lives of Queenslanders.



Member of the Oder of Australia in the General Division

For significant service to the community and to business, especially on the Gold Coast, as chairman or director of a wide range of enterprises and organisations involved in education and training, and through advocacy for women, volunteer work for the Indigenous community, and leadership roles in sporting and other entities.



Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For service to the Indigenous community, in roles including CEO of Sandra King Management, through promotion and organisation of fashion events and other prominent activities supporting indigenous women, as Managing Coordinator of the Indigenous Women’s Community Leadership Program, and in Indigenous advisory and support roles in Queensland schools.



Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For service to the community through emergency response organisations, including the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard as a member and in positions including Commander – Brisbane Flotilla, Flotilla Training Officer and Duty Officer for Brisbane Coast Guard, and Patrol Officer and Squadron Deputy Commodore, South Queensland Squadron.



Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division  

For service to the performing arts as a singer and songwriter and poet, celebrating many significant Australian events, prominent personalities, places, institutions, and sport including the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and Sydney Olympics, racehorses Black Caviar and Winx, locations in Queensland, and Her Majesty The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.



Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For service to education, as a teacher and primary and secondary school Principal, and in administrative and executive roles, as Chief Executive Officer of P&Cs Queensland, President and Chair of the Australian Council of State School Organisations, and for the Queensland Department of Education, including as Assistant Director-General, chair of several panels, reviews and projects, and director of a range of programs and education districts.



Officer of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For distinguished service to medical research and higher education, in the fields of structural biology and glycochemistry, through leadership and research positions at Monash and Griffith Universities, co-development of the anti-influenza drug Relenza, extensive research and education, roles as a fellow or member of professional organisations, and through mentorship of others.



Australian Corrections Medal

For services to community safety with Queensland Corrective Services in roles including Manager and Director – Community Corrections Operations, and Manager, Offender Development at Woodford Correctional Centre, through the application of treatment and management plans for high risk, dangerous male prisoners, including significant tailored interventions supporting the safety and well-being of prisoners with mental health and self-harm concerns.



Australian Corrections Medal

For services to community safety with Queensland Corrective Services including as Director, High Risk Offender Management Unit, displaying the highest levels of dedication in the control, care and treatment of high-risk sex offenders and, as a pre-eminent authority in the field, shaping the Queensland approach in this area and co-chairing the National Working Party for the Treatment and Management of Sexual Offenders.




Conspicuous Service Cross

For outstanding achievement in the application of exceptional skill, judgement, leadership and dedication in the advancement of intelligence collection, analysis and assessment within the Australian Defence Force, as Joint Intelligence Officer, Deployable Joint Force Headquarters and through contributions to Operation APEC ASSIST 2018, significantly advancing the ADF’s regional engagement and standing in the Southeast Asia and the South West Pacific regions.



Officer of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For distinguished service to cricket at district, State, national and international levels, as a player and as president and committee member of the Australian Cricketers’ Association; to the broadcast media, as a cricket commentator; and to the community, through charitable entities, including as founder of the Ian Healy Foundation.



Member of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For significant service to medicine in the field of paediatric infectious diseases, as an Eminent Senior Staff Specialist at the Queensland Children’s Hospital, Senior Staff Specialist at the Mater Children’s Hospital, and as an academic, and through leading professional and community organisations, including delivering international humanitarian aid as a volunteer.