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Tuesday 15 September 2020

His Excellency the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC, Governor of Queensland, today presented Australian Honours and Awards to the following Queenslanders:




Member of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For significant service to business as the founder and owner of Stefan Corporation, Jo-Jo’s Restaurant and Event Venue, Stefan Boating World, and Bach Living, and as a board member of the Southbank Corporation, and through support for charitable organisations, as a fundraiser and philanthropist, and as founder of Stefan’s Mask Foundation.


Group Bravery Citation

On the 22 December 2015, Queensland Police officers, including Senior Constable Adderley, were confronted by an armed man at Gracemere in Queensland.

Both officers were responding to a disturbance in Gracemere when they were informed the offender, who was possibly armed, was attempting to gain entry to a residence. On arriving at the residence, they stopped their police vehicle past the house to create some cover.

The officers saw the offender standing at the front of the premises holding a rifle which he was pointing upwards. They got out of the police vehicle and approached the man with their weapons drawn and issuing verbal warnings for him to drop the gun.

The offender ran towards the front door of the house and began to bang violently on the door and yell at the occupants. One officer quickly moved up the driveway and used a parked car as cover before walking directly towards the door area.

At that time the armed offender came out from behind a pillar and walked towards the officer with his rifle pointed directly at him. The man was crouching slightly and looking through the scope of the rifle.

The officer fired a string of shots at the offender who then dropped the rifle. The officer then provided cover for his colleague who had holstered his firearm and approached the injured offender. Both officers then restrained the offender until other emergency services arrived.

For his actions, Senior Constable Adderley is recognised with the award of the Group Bravery Citation.


Member of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For significant service to the law, to the judiciary, and to social justice as a Judge of the Supreme Court of Queensland, as Executive Member, Secretary and Vice-President of the Queensland Council for Civil Liberties, in leadership positions in a range of other legal entities and in academic and advisory roles in higher education institutions.


Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For service to choral music through positions as Artistic Director, accompanist, vocal coach, member and Life Member of the Sunshine Coast Oriana Choir and through roles as accompanist and Life Member of the Sunshine Coast Choral Society, as well as through contributions to other music organisations as accompanist and repetiteur.


Group Bravery Citation

On the evening of 25 February 2015, Queensland Police Officers, including Senior Constable Banks, were involved in the extraction of a man from a burning vehicle at Mount Gravatt in Queensland.

At about 6pm, Queensland Police were notified of a man attempting self-harm on a freeway in Mount Gravatt. When the officers arrived on the scene, they located a man sitting in his stationary vehicle on the inside lane of the busy freeway. He was highly agitated, in possession of a five-litre fuel can, a cigarette lighter and three knives. The car was locked with the engine running and the man's clothing appeared wet with fuel.

One of the officers spoke to the man and listened to his demands. At this time, the driver was refusing to leave the vehicle and began to remove his wet clothing. He had the fuel container open on his lap and fuel was visible as he tilted it backwards. The officer remained in conversation with the man through a small gap in the driver's window, whilst other officers were located at the rear driver's side corner of the vehicle awaiting instruction.

The man then lit a cigarette, doused himself and the inside of the vehicle with fuel, removed more of his clothing, and wound up the window. The man lit the fuel and the flames immediately filled the vehicle. Evacuation actions commenced on both sides of the vehicle with the driver and passenger windows smashed. Fire officers then pushed hoses through the passenger and rear windows in order to extinguish the flames.

One officer lunged into the vehicle, grabbing the man with both hands, whilst another officer hit the cigarette lighter away from the man. Both officers then pinned the man against the inside of the driver's door, and with the assistance of other officers, removed the driver from the burning vehicle.

For his actions, Senior Constable Banks is recognised by the award of the Group Bravery Citation.


Officer of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For distinguished service to neuroscience research and to people living with dementia, motor neurone disease, and spinal cord injury, through positions at The University of Queensland, the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research and SpinalCure Australia, through publications, and through leadership and advisory roles for many related bodies.


Member of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For significant service to tertiary education, to the biomedical sciences and to scientific academies through academic and leadership roles at The University of Queensland and the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, through publications, through a range of board positions for related organisations, and through fellowships of several entities.


Member of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For significant service to the people and Parliament of Queensland in positions including Attorney-General and Minister for Justice and as Deputy Lord Mayor of Brisbane, and to archival and historical organisations, including the Royal Historical Society of Queensland and National Archives of Australia, through leadership roles and as an author.


Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For service to information technology as a research fellow, lecturer and founder of Adroit Research, and to women as founder and CEO of Tech Girls Movement, board member of Australian Women in IT Science and Engineering, and as a speaker and author promoting women in science, information systems and technology.


Group Bravery Citation

Mrs Bell is recognised for her actions during the apprehension of two armed offenders following a high-speed vehicle pursuit near Tweed Heads in New South Wales.

On the afternoon of 5 February 2015, two offenders in a stolen vehicle drove at speed across the border from Queensland into New South Wales along the Pacific Highway at Tweed Heads.  Seven New South Wales Police Force officers and three Queensland Police Service officers were involved in the pursuit of the stolen car and subsequent apprehension of the offenders. Road spikes were deployed and, as the stolen vehicle became disabled, the offenders abandoned the car and unsuccessfully tried to commandeer other vehicles travelling on the highway.  One offender fired several shots at police and passing vehicles, before being hit by a civilian vehicle and dropping the weapon.  The offender was then pinned to the ground and arrested while the second offender was pursued by police and arrested.

For her actions, Mrs Bell is recognised with the award of the Group Bravery Citation.


Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For service to nursing, as Clinical Nurse Consultant and Breast Cancer Coordinator at Redcliffe Hospital, developing the first wig and turban library in the area for cancer patients, and as Manager, Outpatient Breast Care Clinic, Caboolture Hospital, and Nursing Unit Manager for Chemotherapy Units at Canberra and Calvary Public Hospitals.


Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For service to the broadcast media in positions to the level of General Manager with Southern Cross Austereo/Media, and to the community of the Fraser Coast, through leadership roles with Fraser Coast Tourism and Events, the Duncan Chapman Memorial Appear Committee, the Walk of Achievers and a range of other community organisations.


Officer of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For distinguished service to the Parliament of Australia and the people of Queensland as Senator for Queensland, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Transport and Regional Services, Leader of the National Party and the Nationals in the Senate, and Committee Chair and member, and to fisheries as Chair of the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation.


Member of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For significant service to the rail transport and logistics industry through senior executive roles including Chief Executive Officer in the State Transit Authority and later State Rail Authority of New South Wales, and through involvement at senior levels in transport and logistics professional bodies, and to education through contributions to a range of schools.  


Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For service to the performing arts, as a singer, conductor, performer, proprietor and music teacher, and as an officeholder, organiser, adjudicator and member of several performing arts organisations including the Mackay Choral Society, the North Queensland Easter Eisteddfod and the Mackay Musical Comedy Players.


Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For service to the Jewish community in significant roles with the Brisbane Hebrew Congregation, the Brisbane Synagogue, including as President and Board Member, and to ophthalmology including as Visiting Consultant at Greenslopes, St Andrew’s and Princess Alexandra Hospitals, Senior Lecturer at the University of Queensland and as Chairman, Queensland Branch of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists. 


Member of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For significant service to community mental health, to advocacy, and to education including through executive positions in the World Federation for Mental Health and the National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum, through contributions to multiple mental health advocacy, support and advisory bodies, and as co-author of publications in the field.


Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For service to trauma medicine in senior roles in the Clinical Excellence Division of Queensland Health, at the Gold Coast University Hospital including as Deputy Medical Director, Trauma Service, through contributions in a range of committee and advisory roles in trauma medicine, and as a Senior Lecturer in the field at Griffith University. 


Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For service to the community of Theodore including as Practice Manager, Theodore Medical, senior office-holder in rural medical organisations and the Rotary Club of Theodore, and through contributions to the Dawson Valley Branch, Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association, the Theodore Sub-Branch of the RSL and the Theodore Agricultural Show Society. 




Bravery Medal and Commendation for Brave Conduct

On the evening of 27 March 2017, Mr Craig Coleman rescued, and Mrs Vivienne Coleman assisted in the rescue of, a man from dangerous floodwaters at a property near St Lawrence in Queensland.

Mr and Mrs Coleman were asleep in their home when their neighbour phoned them to say that his house was being inundated by floodwaters and that he was stranded.

The area around St Lawrence was being affected by a major flooding event due to the effects of Cyclone Debbie. The flooding was accompanied by high wind gusts, heavy rain and the fast-moving water was classed as an inland tsunami. Water levels at the neighbour's property were rising rapidly, and his vehicle had also been swamped, rendering it useless.

Mr and Mrs Coleman quickly obtained a small motorboat and trailered it to a safe place from which to launch it into the water. Whilst Mrs Coleman stayed with their vehicle, directing its headlights to illuminate the water, Mr Coleman launched the boat and navigated his way in the dark and treacherous conditions to his neighbour's property located one and half kilometres away.

On reaching the property Mr Coleman found his neighbour clinging to a pole on the outside of the house. The fast-flowing water was up to the man's chest.

Mr Coleman moved the small boat close to the man and managed to pull him and his dog onboard. The men then made their way back through flooded bushland to where Mrs Coleman and the vehicle were located. The group made their way slowly along the flooded Bruce Highway and returned to the safety of the Coleman's property.

By his actions, Mr Coleman displayed considerable bravery, and is awarded the Bravery Medal.

By her actions, Mrs Coleman is commended for brave conduct.