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Friday 07 May 2021

His Excellency the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC, Governor of Queensland, today presented Australian Honours and Awards to the following Queenslanders:


Group Bravery Citation

Mr Lockhart is recognised with the award of the Group Bravery Citation for his actions during a prison riot at Long Bay Gaol in New South Wales.

On the evening of 23 October 1986, a prison riot broke out at the Metropolitan Remand Centre at Long Bay Gaol.  Three prison officers were taken hostage by inmates armed with makeshift weapons and, despite attempts by the officers to negotiate with the prisoners, they were locked in a nearby cell.  Seventy inmates then took control of a section of the Centre. 

Meanwhile, 11 members of the Malabar Emergency Unit assault team moved in to free the prison officers. As they entered the Centre they were violently attacked by inmates with some members being badly injured. The team pushed through the chaotic fighting, freed the prison officers, removed them to safety, and then returned to regain control of the Centre.

By his actions, Mr Lockhart is awarded the Group Bravery Citation.


Bravery Medal and Group Bravery Citation

On 29 May 2016, Miss Elizabeth Adams rescued a woman from a burning vehicle at Palm Beach in Queensland.

In the early evening Miss Adams was driving towards an intersection in Palm Beach when a car travelling at high speed passed her before leaving the road and impacting with a traffic pole. Debris, including a baby car seat, was strewn over a large area as the vehicle was split in two.

Miss Adams immediately stopped her vehicle and ran to the scene. She opened the door and noticed another baby seat, so immediately instructed bystanders, who had also stopped, to look for babies. Miss Adams pulled the deployed airbags off the injured female driver.

With fire now coming through the windscreen and footwell, Miss Adams reached into the car and tried numerous times to pull the woman free. From outside the vehicle a bystander attempted to support the unresponsive woman’s neck while Miss Adams consciously placed herself in a position between the woman and the flames as she manipulated the woman's legs from underneath the steering wheel and dashboard.

Shattered glass covered the woman as Miss Adams continued to manoeuvre the woman's body and the front seat until the woman could be pulled from the vehicle.

With another person, Miss Adams then moved the woman away from the car as one of the men, who was a doctor, checked her vital signs. With the danger of explosion imminent, the woman was moved further away from the burning vehicle moments before it exploded into flames. Emergency Services arrived and transported the injured woman to hospital.

By her actions, Miss Adams displayed considerable bravery.


Group Bravery Citation

On the evening of 25 February 2015, Queensland Police Officer Senior Constable Brendan O’Brien was involved in the extraction of a man from a burning vehicle at Mount Gravatt in Queensland.

At about 6pm, Queensland Police were notified of a man attempting self-harm on a freeway in Mount Gravatt.  When the officers arrived on the scene, they located a man sitting in his stationary vehicle on the inside lane of the busy freeway. He was highly agitated, in possession of a five-litre fuel can, a cigarette lighter and three knives.  The car was locked with the engine running and the man's clothing appeared wet with fuel.

One of the officers spoke to the man and listened to his demands. At this time, the driver was refusing to leave the vehicle and began to remove his wet clothing. He had the fuel container open on his lap and fuel was visible as he tilted it backwards. 

The officer remained in conversation with the man through a small gap in the driver's window, whilst other officers were located at the rear driver's side corner of the vehicle awaiting instruction.

The man then lit a cigarette, doused himself and the inside of the vehicle with fuel, removed more of his clothing, and wound up the window. The man lit the fuel and the flames immediately filled the vehicle. Evacuation actions commenced on both sides of the vehicle with the driver and passenger windows smashed. Fire officers then pushed hoses through the passenger and rear windows in order to extinguish the flames.

One officer lunged into the vehicle, grabbing the man with both hands, whilst another officer hit the cigarette lighter away from the man. Both officers then pinned the man against the inside of the driver's door, and with the assistance of other officers, removed the driver from the burning vehicle.

By his actions, Senior Constable O’Brien is recognised by the award of the Group Bravery Citation.



Commendation for Brave Conduct

On the morning of 2 July 2018, Mr Marshall rescued a young woman from the balcony of a multi-story apartment complex in Southport in Queensland.

At about 9.45am, Mr Marshall and a colleague were working on the balcony of an apartment on the 38th floor of a building in Southport. Mr Marshall's colleague had wedged open the door of the apartment and was waiting for a lift to arrive so that he could return to ground level and collect additional building materials. Mr Marshall continued to work on the balcony of the apartment.

At the same time on the ground floor, a young woman with Down Syndrome and her two carers were waiting for a lift to arrive. Without her carers' knowledge, the young woman entered a lift which took her to the 38th floor and it opened to Mr Marshall's waiting colleague. He saw the young woman exit the lift and walk towards one of the apartments.

As Mr Marshall took a break on the balcony of the building, he glanced sideways and saw the young woman jump up onto the balustrade of the balcony. She then hung off the railing with both arms, one leg and her upper torso hanging over the side. Mr Marshall immediately rushed towards the young woman, lunged over the side of the railing and managed to grab her by the arm immediately prior to her losing her grip on the railing. He was then able to pull her back over the railing onto the balcony to safety.

By his actions, Mr Marshall is awarded the Commendation for Brave Conduct.


Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For service to veterans and their families, through a range of roles including as President of the Terang Sub-Branch of the Returned and Services League of Australia, and through involvement in fundraising for Noorat War Memorial and the Sisters Hall Commemoration and Branch Presidency of the Battle of Lone Pine Commemoration Committee.


Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For service to lawn bowls, as a member, senior officeholder, games director, official and patroness of various lawn bowls clubs and entities, including the Robina Bowls Club, the Tweed District Ladies Bowls Association, and the Ladies Section of Bowls Queensland.


Medal of the Order of Australia in the Military Division

For meritorious service as the Band Sergeant Major of the Band of the 1st Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery, creating a flourishing, cohesive and highly effective organisation that provides quality musical support to the Australian Defence Force, thereby assisting the Australian Army to achieve its community, Indigenous and international engagement objectives.


Commendation for Distinguished Service

For distinguished performance of duties, superior analytical tradecraft, leadership and outstanding achievement in warlike operations as the Task Group Afghanistan Insider Threat Analyst during Operation HIGHROAD, laying a robust and enduring foundation for the force protection of personnel deployed to Afghanistan.


Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For service to the Uniting Church in Australia, including as Moderator of the Uniting Church of Queensland, as an ordained Minister throughout South East and Far North Queensland, and through community initiatives like the Inala Home Mission Station, and to the multi-faith community.


Group Bravery Citations

Senior Constable Davies and Constable Siddall are recognised with the award of the Group Bravery Citation for their actions during the apprehension of two armed offenders following a high speed vehicle pursuit near Tweed Heads in New South Wales.

On the afternoon of 5 February 2015, two offenders in a stolen vehicle drove at speed across the border from Queensland into New South Wales along the Pacific Highway at Tweed Heads.  Seven New South Wales Police Force officers and three Queensland Police Service officers were involved in the pursuit of the stolen car and subsequent apprehension of the offenders.                                                        

Road spikes were deployed and, as the stolen vehicle became disabled, the offenders abandoned the car and unsuccessfully tried to commandeer other vehicles travelling on the highway.  One offender fired several shots at police and passing vehicles, before being hit by a civilian vehicle and dropping the weapon.  The offender was then pinned to the ground and arrested while the second offender was pursued by police and arrested.

For their actions, Senior Constable Davies and Constable Siddall are awarded the Group Bravery Citation.


Group Bravery Citation

Dr Naday is recognised with the award of the Group Bravery Citation for her actions during the rescue of passengers and driver following a bus crash in Lamington National Park in Queensland.

On the evening of 13 January 2019, a tour bus carrying 18 passengers and driver rolled off the side of a steep embankment in Lamington National Park after a mechanical failure.

The bus came to rest on its side.

Despite the precarious position of the bus, and the danger of it rolling further down the embankment, four people assisted in the evacuation of passengers, while two others provided reassurance to the trapped and injured driver, staying with him in the bus until emergency services arrived and extricated him from the damaged vehicle.

By her actions, Dr Naday is awarded the Group Bravery Citation.


Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For service to local government, and to the community of the Fraser Coast, as Councillor and Deputy Mayor Fraser Coast Regional Council and Maryborough City Council, through executive positions in the Australian Local Government Women’s Association, Queensland Branch, and in senior positions in community organisations in fields including sport, music and agriculture.


Australian Police Medal

For exemplary service to the Queensland Police Service and the community as an investigator, including as Detective Inspector at the Internal Investigation Group of the Ethical Standards Command, leading investigations into a variety of cold case homicides and major and organised crime, as well as developing and delivering training packages to build the capacity of regional officers involved in critical incidents.


Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For service to veterans and their families, as a member, life member, welfare officer and senior officeholder of the Walkertson-Pleystowe, Rye, Toogoom and District, and Mackay Sub-Branches of the Returned and Services League of Australia, and for coordinating the construction of the Vietnam Veterans Museum and Memorabilia exhibition, an aspect of the Hervey Bay and Maryborough Military Trail.


Medal of the Order of Australia in the Military Division

For meritorious service in developing Army's geospatial-intelligence systems, using superior trade knowledge to enhance the delivery of technical geospatial training and the raising of Army's first imagery analyst capability, and for managing complex personnel welfare cases with a unique and remarkable blend of compassion and modest leadership.


Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For service to clinical epidemiology, through research and extensive publications as Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, research centre director, consultant, and National Health and Medical Research Council grant recipient and research fellow; and to occupational therapy, through research, membership and other roles for Occupational Therapy Australia and allied health and science organisations.


Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For service to war widows and their families, through the Australian Army, and through a range of roles for Legacy Brisbane, including as Director, Chair of the North-West Brisbane, Rockhampton and Central Queensland and Queensland Country Region Groups, and as a Legatee.


Member of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For significant service to the fruit and vegetable industry, including as Chairman of the Brisbane City Markets, owner of Alfred E Chave Pty Ltd Wholesalers, and through various executive positions of Brismark, and to rugby league, including as Director of the Brisbane Broncos Football Club and Men of League Queensland.


Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For service to Rugby League as a referee, including as a member and senior officeholder of the Queensland Rugby League Referees Association, Maryborough Rugby League Referees Association, Wide Bay and Burnett Referees Association, as an Honorary Associate Member for Life of the New South Wales Rugby League Referees Association, and as the Fraser Coast Referee of the Century.


Member of the Order of Australia in the General Division

For significant service to the performing arts as an Indigenous director and playwright, in various director and artistic director roles of the Sydney Festival, Queensland Theatre Company, Company B Belvoir Street, and ILBIJERRI Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Theatre Cooperative, and as a writer of a range of award-winning plays.