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 at Government House, Brisbane

Morning Tea to Celebrate International Volunteer Day

Kaye and I are delighted you could join us this morning to mark International Volunteer Day here at Government House.

As Patron of Volunteering Queensland, and indeed other organisations represented here today, I am pleased to have the opportunity to thank you all for supporting the wonderful volunteering force we have in this State.

We particularly welcome the many volunteers here today, including Government House’s magnificent Volunteer Guides, whose contributions are indispensable to Fernberg life. It is impossible to put a price on volunteer contributions, and what you and your organisations achieve is extraordinary. Your collective efforts transform the lives of individuals and communities across Queensland.

Your organisations are as diverse as they are wide-spread. However, it is the attitude you have towards volunteering that unites us here today.

We all believe in the positive power that comes from reaching out to help those in need. It is a tangible force that enables not only those who receive, but also benefits those who give.

Giving time freely allows people from all walks of life to share their knowledge, skills and experience. It can also bring tentative helpers out of their shells, broaden their horizons and give them opportunities to feel valued and included.

This year’s International Volunteer Day theme of ‘Inclusion’ is a timely reminder that Queensland’s population and outlook is ever changing; striving to expand an inclusive approach towards volunteering is of great benefit to us all.  

I congratulate Volunteering Queensland on their endeavours, including the important Queensland Volunteering Awards, nominations for which open today. The scope of the organisation’s mission is truly impressive: enabling, inspiring and increasing the profile of volunteering.

As we all know, over the last few months, ferocious fires and drought have devastated some of our communities. It is at times like this, when we see so clearly Queenslanders coming together, with selflessness and compassion, to help others. It is also at these times another benefit of Volunteering Queensland comes to the fore: swiftly mobilising our volunteers and deploying them to areas of greatest need.

On behalf of all Queenslanders, I commend Volunteering Queensland and the other community organisations represented here today. I will always be humbled by the grace and generosity of our volunteering community. Never doubt the value and importance of your work. Empowering those in need with the support they require, and your commitment to inclusion, contributes significantly to the contentment and prosperity of our State.