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 at TriCare, Sunnybank Hills

Mrs Mabel Crosby’s 110th Birthday Celebrations

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. I was delighted when the Premier asked me at the Ekka this year to join you in celebrating the 110th birthday of Mrs Mabel Crosby.

I now realise, far too late, Mrs Crosby, that I have just committed the cardinal sin of revealing a woman’s age! I fear I’m about to do it again – I hope all will be forgiven!

It is a great honour to be here as the representative in Queensland of our Head of State, Queen Elizabeth the Second.

When Mrs Crosby was born in Kent in the United Kingdom in 1909, the reigning monarch was The Queen’s great grandfather, King Edward the Seventh.

Over the past 110 years – spanning five Monarchs, 27 Australian Prime Ministers and I am reliably advised, Mrs Crosby, just the odd wine with friends – our world, our State, has changed tremendously.

Consistently with the changing times, by the way, if you send through a photograph from your next cruise, hopefully to Fiji, I promise to put it on the Governor’s Facebook page!  

Throughout those 110 years, you have been a force for reassurance and stability for five generations of your own family, and in the lives of countless others – and I know you are very popular with the mums and bubs at intergenerational playgroup!

As part of a very special and exclusive club of supercentenarians, you are also cherished by Queenslanders as a source of great continuity in our State.

Thank you to all the smiling, happy faces here today – Mrs Crosby’s family and friends, and the wonderful staff here at Tri-care Sunnybank Hills.

I further thank you, Mrs Crosby, for bringing joy into the lives of so many.

It is now my great honour, as Governor, on behalf of all Queenslanders, to wish you the happiest of birthdays – I’m going to say it again, your 110th birthday! How proud we all are of you.

I look forward to continuing to enjoy this very special celebration with you all.