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 at Government House, Brisbane

St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace, Scholars’ Assembly

Thank you, Dr Carroll, for your kind introduction and the invitation that I join you today. I know this is the poor imitation you would expect from a former Churchie boy, but I have today put aside blue and grey for black and red. And I do indeed thank you, Principal, for acceding to my request that I be invited to the School. I have wanted, as Governor, to acknowledge the fine achievements of your very fine School for some time.

May I now acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands around Brisbane and extend my respectful greetings to Elders and emerging leaders. I know Terrace values and learns from tradition, and in our sphere there is none older than that of our Indigenous fellow citizens.

It is my great pleasure to be here today at Terrace on my first vice-regal visit to this fine school; and I am delighted the occasion is to join you in celebrating the academic achievements of your fellows, and that it occurs in the School’s 145th year.

I heartily congratulate all Scholars receiving these medals signifying brilliant accomplishment. I am sure the road to achieving the top rank of OP1 has at times been difficult. Your friends and families must also have witnessed the hard work and dedication that have gone into your results. Well done to you all.

There is the added prestige of being the final OP1 graduates from Terrace – ever!  I know your achievements will light the path to heights of academic success under the ATAR system for future students.

Perhaps already there is a certain nostalgia as you reflect on your academic achievements now from the other side of having graduated last November. As you take the next steps in life, whatever they may be and wherever you find yourself, I encourage you to remember and be truly grateful for the knowledge you have gained while studying at this School.

Terrace strives to produce young men of knowledge, humility and wisdom. These are admirable traits, quietly cultivated here. Already you have demonstrated outstanding knowledge through these results, and I am sure as you set out in the world, there will be many occasions on which you may recall these three ideals and think back fondly to your time here at Terrace.

Knowledge, humility and wisdom, and may I presume, Dr Carroll, to add, compassion as exemplified by your former students, Lucas Patchett and Nic Marchesi, who founded Orange Sky, soon to be invested with their Orders of Australia at Government House.

I have focussed on those awarded medals today. But may I say to all students, you are part of an impressive School community built on faith and service, inspired by the inclusive mission of Edmund Ignatius Rice.

Take inspiration from the 2019 Scholars, but remember also that there is no single linear pathway to success.

As I was preparing for this visit, I came across a news article from 1919 when then Queensland Governor Sir Hamilton Goold-Adams – our 12th Governor (I am the 26th) – attended the speech night for the graduating class of this School of 1919.

In his speech he called on the graduating students to consider diverse prospects as they were leaving school and not to be defined by following what everyone else was doing.

So too do I remind you now, a century later, to be expansive and to go forth with your knowledge, buoyed by the values and friendships forged here at St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace. Thank you.