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 at Royal International Convention Centre, Brisbane

Public Safety and Association Agencies International Women’s Day Event

Ladies and gentlemen.  

I also acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands around Brisbane, extending respectful greetings to Elders and emerging leaders. 

I am delighted to join you on my third consecutive attendance at this inspirational annual event, as we mark International Women’s Day by acknowledging the contribution of women working within Queensland’s public safety and integrity agencies.

International Women’s Day first began in 1911 – in the wake of the suffragette movement – when the conversation of gender parity rightly moved prominently into the public sphere.

The theme for today’s event is Be Brave, Be True, Be You.

It is a strong call to action – because it takes courage to be true to yourself.

And, it often takes courage to be honest with others.

If you work in the fields of emergency services, integrity and public safety, I know it even takes courage to have courage.

Many of us can only imagine the challenges you sometimes face.

Your work often calls you into conflict.

It calls on you to console, to comfort or to step up in situations where most of us would choose to step back.

The women of Queensland’s Public Safety Agencies prove beyond doubt that gender is no barrier to courage, to integrity or altruism.

By way of example we need look no further beyond our Premier and Opposition Leader, and indeed my own wife, and than to Katarina Carroll – the first female Commissioner of the Queensland Police Service, and of course the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services prior to that.

Indeed, ours is a State enriched by the contributions of determined, inspirational women, many of whom I have the honour to meet as I travel throughout Queensland.

Speaking of remarkable contributions, may I also publicly acknowledge our MC, Ms Georgina Lewis, who this year marks 21 years reporting for Channel 10; congratulations, Georgina.

I thank everyone involved in organising today’s event. I further applaud your support for Drought Angels – what an inspired choice as beneficiary of fundraising efforts. Kaye and I had the great honour of hosting two of the driving forces behind Drought Angels, Mrs Jenny Gailey and Mrs Natasha Johnston, at Fernberg last month.

On behalf of all Queenslanders, I express gratitude for the work done by the women we celebrate here today.

One day in the not-too-distant future, a new generation of Queenslanders will step proudly through the doors you have opened, further enriching our State. And for that, as your Governor, I say ‘thank you’.

It is my great honour to now declare officially open, the 2020 Public Safety and Association Agencies International Women’s Day Event.