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 at Government House Brisbane

Afternoon Tea in Support of Haemophilia Foundation Queensland, Bleeding Disorders Awareness Week

President, Mr David Stephenson and fellow Board Members; distinguished guests; ladies and gentlemen.

Kaye and I are delighted, once again, to welcome supporters of Haemophilia Foundation Queensland to Government House.

I at once acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands around Brisbane, and extend respectful greetings to Elders and emerging leaders.

Two years ago, I was honoured, as Patron, to host a reception here to mark World Haemophilia Day and to present service awards on behalf of the Foundation.

On that occasion I was struck by the passion and commitment of everyone involved with the Foundation and by their dedication to achieving the best possible outcomes for people affected by bleeding disorders. 

That passion is no less evident today and Kaye and I are very pleased to be able to join with you and your sister organisations in the other States and Territories, to mark Bleeding Disorders Awareness Week.

In the 1950s, the only bleeding disorder most Queenslanders had heard of was haemophilia – and we had heard very little about that beyond the myths and fears. There was certainly no concept that sufferers could lead active, independent and fulfilling lives.

Since then, research around the world has resulted in excellent treatment regimes, and greatly improved care, support and education.

From the beginning of this quiet revolution, the Foundation has been a persistent advocate for those living with bleeding disorders and has striven to achieve greater health literacy for sufferers.

Improved community education and understanding has become a vital part of the Foundation’s work.

Bleeding Disorders Awareness Week is a much-anticipated annual opportunity to raise awareness about haemophilia, von Willebrand (pron. Will-eh-brand) disease and other inherited bleeding disorders.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 restrictions have meant that awareness-raising this year will be almost exclusively virtual, but this has been embraced by the Foundation as a great opportunity to re-imagine the campaign, showcasing the individuals in the bleeding disorders community and highlighting their many different disorders and experiences.

Despite COVID restrictions, I hope that many of you will still be able to host red-themed events this week.

I am very pleased that, thanks to the creativity of our chefs here at Government House, Kaye and I are able to host a special Red Cake Day today.

One of my privileges as Governor of Queensland is to speak for all Queenslanders. It therefore gives me great pleasure, on their behalf, to thank Haemophilia Foundation Queensland for its ongoing work and to wish you a very successful Bleeding Disorders Awareness Week – and many more Red Cake Days to come!