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 at Gallipoli Barracks Enoggera

Official Opening of the 2021 Royal Queensland Regiment Association Conference

Thank you for your kind introduction. I am grateful to Brigadier Scott for the invitation to address the Royal Queensland Regiment Association Conference this morning.

I at once acknowledge the traditional owners of these lands, and extend respectful greetings to Elders and emerging leaders.

I can see from the programme provided to my Office you have a busy and comprehensive day of discussions ahead.

While I am mindful not to usurp the role of our Colonel Commandant, who will shortly overview the Association’s history, I hoped you might indulge my making some personal remarks on the significance of the Regiment – observations garnered during my now seven-year term as Governor and proud Representative Colonel. 

Ever since Lieutenant Duncan Chapman of the 9th Battalion bravely led our ANZACs onto the cold, rocky shores at Gallipoli more than a century ago, what we now call the Royal Queensland Regiment has powerfully shaped our conceptions of service and duty to nation. 

I sensed this when, very early into my term, in December 2014, I had the great honour of presenting the 9th Battalion with its new Queen’s and Regimental Colours at the Roma Street Parklands.

That spirit of service and duty was further evident when I attended, as Administrator of the Commonwealth, the Regiment’s Gallipoli Centenary Dinner at these very Barracks in August 2015, and in meeting members of the Regiment throughout the State, often in response to natural disasters.

These occasions – and many others – have been, for me, most moving.

They have also provided worthwhile opportunities for me, as Governor, to channel the wider community’s gratitude for the grand commitment you all so generously undertake.  

I congratulate Brigadier Scott, and all members of the Regiment and the Association, for organising today’s Conference. I am sure I am not the only one grateful we could meet in person this year.  

I thank and applaud your commitment to sharing and honouring the rich and distinguished traditions of the Royal Queensland Regiment.

Finally, I thank you all, as current serving members within the wider Australian Defence Force, for your steadfast dedication to duty.

As your Governor and Representative Colonel, I wish you a most productive day of discussions here at the 2021 conference of the Royal Queensland Regiment Association, which I now have the great honour of declaring officially open.