The Foyer

In the 1880s, another merchant, John Stevenson, purchased 'Fernberg' and began transforming it from a hill-top villa into a grand Italianate mansion.

He commissioned famous architect Richard Gailey, to design the iconic tower and front section of 'Fernberg'.

The Foyer is the centrepiece of these additions, and was originally a drawing room and reception area.

Portraits of monarchs who have reigned since Queensland became a separate colony in 1859 hang here. 

The gemoetric (tesslataed) tiles were covered by wall-to-wall carpet in the 1950s and remained covered until 1997 during the tenure of Major-General Peter Arnison as Governor. Restored then and carefully maintained in the two decades since, the Minton tiles today tell an important part of the story of Government House.