About the Office

The Office of the Governor is located in The Cottage, an administration block built on the Estate in 1948 immediately adjacent to Government House. As a non-political, independent entity, the core purpose of the Office of the Governor is to:

  • Provide personal, administrative and logistical support to enable the Governor to fulfil constitutional, representational, ceremonial and community responsibilities
  • Maintain the Government House Estate as a heritage and community asset of national importance, in partnership with the Department of Housing and Public Works.

Office of the Governor team

The Office of the Governor is comprised of a small team of committed and experienced staff. The Official Secretary is the most senior member of the Office and is the Governor’s most senior advisor. The Official Secretary leads the Executive Management Group comprised of the following members:

  • Official Secretary, Mrs Kate Hastings
  • Deputy Official Secretary, Ms Yolande Yorke
  • Chief Financial and Governance Officer, Mr Lyndon de Clercq 

Primary duties

The Office of the Governor’s Strategic Plan guides the work of the Office to both support the Governor as he carries out his duties, and to also provide effective stewardship of the Government House Estate. This work includes: 

Constitutional and Legal

Providing executive support to enable the Governor to fulfil constitutional and legal responsibilities. 


Supporting the Australian Honours and Awards and other awards programs, as well as attending military and commemorative ceremonies.

Community Engagement

Providing a diverse range of opportunities for Queensland organisations and citizens to visit Government House; facilitating the Governor’s travel to regional and remote centres; and providing administrative support to facilitate the Governor’s patronages. 

Promoting Queensland

Assisting the Governor’s activities that highlight and promote Queensland business, produce, culture and trade through hospitality and attendance at events, and supporting the Governor’s activities to promote Queensland’s interests. 

Preserving Government House

Maintaining Government House as an official State residence by conserving its heritage-listed facilities and undertaking appropriate maintenance, security, workplace health and safety, and horticultural tasks. 

Effective Management

Using a Corporate Governance Framework to continue to improve performance, capability, accountability and value-for-money service-delivery using effective technology and resources.

The Cottage