The Governor lends support as vice-regal patron to a wide range of community groups during his or her term in office. These organisations provide a thorough briefing on their operations and activities to ensure the Governor can provide effective advocacy and counsel. 

Patron organisations are generally Queensland-based community groups and associations with no political agenda. The Governor accepts Patronage according to rigorous criteria. 

How to invite the Governor to be your Patron

Organisations wishing to invite the Governor to accept Patronage or another appointment should provide the following information:

A letter of invitation to the Governor of Queensland, His Excellency the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC, signed by the President or Chairman and summarising any relevant facts in support of the request, including whether the organisation has enjoyed vice-regal patronage in the past.

  • A completed Patronage Request Form (download).
  • A copy of the constitution and/or Articles of Incorporation.
  • A list of current office bearers.
  • A copy of the most recent annual report or similar document 

Please compile this information and send it to:

Official Secretary
GPO Box 434, Brisbane Qld 4001. 

Please note: vice-regal patronage is usually only accepted for the Governor's term of appointment. With a change of Governor, a new request must be submitted for consideration.