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 at Hughenden State School, Hughenden

Official Visit to Hughenden State School

Hello everyone, thank you so much for the warm welcome.

I at once acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands around Hughenden, and extend respectful greetings to Elders and emerging leaders.

It is wonderful to be back in Hughenden at this joint assembly with students and staff of Hughenden State School and St Francis Catholic School.

Earlier this year, I visited your town to show support in the wake of the devastating floods that struck your region. With Mayor McNamara, I visited both your schools and met your Principals, School Captains and students. 

The resilience you have all exhibited over the past months is deeply impressive. I am glad to return, with Kaye, today in more favourable circumstances.

Today, we are in Hughenden as part of Regional Government House. As the Governor of Queensland, I am the official representative of our Head of State, Her Majesty The Queen.

I really enjoy my role because every day is different. And I get to meet wonderful young people like you. There is just one tiny problem: my office is based at Government House in Brisbane – nearly 1,500 kilometres away from Hughenden. That is why we have decided to bring Government House to you.

Hughenden is in a truly fascinating part of Queensland. I know your town is very proud of its rich deposit of dinosaur fossils, and its State-defining shearing heritage. Kaye and I pledge to continue to be well-informed, committed advocates for this region. In this, the Year of Outback Tourism, we also pledge to continue to encourage people in other parts of our country to follow our footsteps and make the journey to your beautiful town.

Your schools – Hughenden State School and St Francis Catholic School – may be small in population, but they offer you all a big advantage.

It is in these more personal settings that closely-knit, mutually supportive communities are forged. And although I am sure there is a respectable level of friendly competition between your schools, I applaud the spirit of co-operation displayed here today. You are all great ambassadors for Queensland.

The past days for Kaye and me have been fantastic. Wherever we have been, whomever we have met, we have been so warmly received. Hughenden has been no different. Thank you, and I wish you all academic and personal success throughout your schooling in magnificent Hughenden.