The Governor is invited to speak at a wide range of significant official, ceremonial and community events, including the Opening of Parliament, ANZAC Day ceremonies and events for Patron groups. A selection of these speeches is available below in a searchable database.

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 at Mornington Island State School, Mornington Island

Official Visit to Mornington Island State School

Thank you for your very warm welcome.

I acknowledge the traditional owners of Mornington Island and its surrounding seas, the Lardil people, and extend respectful greetings to Elders and emerging leaders, including those before us.

It is Kaye’s and my great pleasure to be here. I am the Governor of Queensland, the personal representative of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, is present.

As Governor, my job has many parts: it has constitutional, ceremonial and community duties which keep me very busy.

My work takes me to communities all over the State. This is one of the greatest pleasures and privileges of my role.

The work I do and the work you do has something very important in common: every day, we turn up ready to learn.

Like you, I am learning new things every day, and my mind is wide open to receive as much knowledge as I can. 

Learning is a life-long journey, and the most important part of that journey is happening in your lives right now.

Turning up every day to school, doing your best, getting a good education – this will put you in a position to create whatever future you want for yourself.

The choices you make now – about attendance, about behaviour, about attitude – will directly impact the future of the adult you will become.

You have wonderful teachers here to help you on your learning journey.

They are very proud of you – I am very proud of you! – and with your teachers I encourage you to come to school every day, and to make the most of every opportunity you are given.

Thank you again for welcoming us to your school, and I wish you every success for the rest of the semester.