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 at Richmond State School, Richmond

Official Visit to Richmond State School

I am pleased that I am visiting Richmond State School for the second time in six months – on this occasion as part of our annual Regional Government House program – where for a week we are basing our Government House operations in Mount Isa.

This visit, with my wife Kaye, is a happier one. I came in February just after devastating floods had swept through your region. I know this event caused great hardship. Yet I also know that with your renowned community spirit, the Richmond community is working hard to recover.

For city folk, it is sometimes difficult to imagine how different life is for those living in remote areas. Yet, despite its small size and distance from major towns, I know that Richmond State School is committed to providing an excellent education and tremendous array of additional opportunities.

Indeed, as your Principal, Mrs Mayo, pointed out in the latest school newsletter, “geographical location is not, and should never be a justification for a second rate education”.

Your school’s motto Deeds Not Words could also be applied to the efforts the school itself has made over its 130-year history. It has admirably, and effectively, sought to create a wonderful and supportive environment, where lifelong learning does not just happen through formal lessons.

There cannot be many places, after all, where you can make and taste-test bacon milkshakes, as I believe the High School Design and Technology class recently did! I also note that the Year Sixers and the High Schoolers recently took a fishing trip to Lake Fred Tritton. I know many city kids would love to experience that!

While Richmond State School’s history is not quite as lengthy as that of the ancient fauna who lived here over 100 million years ago, it does have a notable heritage and one of which you should be proud. 

I was impressed to learn that there is a strong tradition of family attendance here, with some students representing the fourth generation who have passed through the school gates.

No doubt this loyalty contributes to why 100% of parents in your latest opinion survey agreed, “that their child likes being at the school”.

On that note, I congratulate your Principal, teachers, staff and parents for their dedication in helping these young people strive to reach their full potential. This is no small task, particularly when the students here range from Prep to Year 10.

I would like to thank you for making our visit today so enjoyable and I wish you success as you, and indeed, all of us, continue to learn.