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 at Royal Queensland Golf Club, Brisbane

Royal Queensland Golf Club Heritage Day

It is my great pleasure to be with you today to mark another milestone in the Royal Queensland Golf Club’s rich history.

This is the sixth Heritage Day function I have attended as Governor and Patron. Every one has been memorable, enjoyable.  I am delighted to once again see the Club in such tremendous shape, ensuring members have an uplifting recreational experience – even when the score-card disappoints.

I say uplifting even on a ‘bad’ day, looking out at the groomed greens, tree-lined fairways, and the wonderful buildings and facilities of the Royal Queensland Golf Club.  It is hard to believe that the first iteration of this magnificent course was once referred to in the press as a “desolate stretch of country” and a “wilderness”. 

That was shortly before its official opening in August 1921, by Governor-General Lord Forster. In the many decades since, this grand institution has thrived on an ongoing interplay between tradition and change.

I am sure the Club’s founders would be deeply satisfied that the strong regal and vice-regal links forged from the beginning have continued. 

Indeed, I will shortly present the Governor’s Trophy and Medal and the Governor-General’s Trophy, along with the Hickory Championship – awards testament to that unique heritage. 

And, of course, I extend my congratulations to today’s recipients.

I know there is great pride in this Club’s many and varied achievements: hosting many of the world’s best players, holding internationally important professional and amateur tournaments, and nurturing great talent.

Yet, I am also sure this pride would extend to the progress that has been made over time, most recently through the opening of the outstanding state-of-the-art Coaching Centre.

I find myself again apologizing to Charlie Earp for any intransigent failure myself to adopt the game: put it down to the intensity of the Vice-Regal program – retirement looms in 2 years’ time!

As well as coaching there is the development of programs to encourage greater female involvement and foster juniors in the sport! All admirably uplifting achievements!

The loyalty of your members is also admirable. Indeed, I am told that your longest serving member has clocked up 80 years of involvement, joining back in 1939!

As the Club looks to its centenary next year, which we hope to celebrate with a reception at Government House, I am happy to hear that the Club now has a waiting list for membership – a position that happily goes against some trends.

I therefore commend Club President, Mr Andrew Greville, Ladies’ President, Ms Jacque Giles, the Board, and the entire organisation. Your efforts ensure this championship course, this magnificent Club, remain the pride of Queensland’s golfing institutions.

I thank the Club and all members for your annual hospitality again today. I wish you all continued success, as we look forward to many more exciting events, including during next year’s significant centenary year.