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 at Ithaca Creek State School, Brisbane

Ithaca Creek State School Year 6 Graduation and Farewell Evening

Federal Member Trevor Evans, the Honourable Arch Bevis, Councillor Peter Matic, Mrs Webb, teachers, students, parents and friends – including no doubt some grandparents!

Acknowledging the ancient Indigenous custodianship of these lands, and we should always be aware of and acknowledge that heritage; and then may I say also how energising it is to be within this unique school community – Mrs Webb, education here on this site I think for more than 130 years?

The age of the school, boys and girls – 130 years plus – is quite incomprehensible to me: I am only 71 years of age, quite a youngster really!

But I can tell you, when I attended your great school in the early 1960s, and it was a high achieving school then as now, I would have thought it laughable that about half a century on I would be returning here as Governor of the State, and so proud a former student.

My point – and you ‘switched-on’ students I know grasped it a few minutes ago – is that especially in this era of ‘equal opportunity’ and non-discrimination, your own opportunity to achieve marvellous personal outcomes is virtually unlimited. Though when I talk of ‘personal’ outcomes, they are in the end, good outcomes only if they benefit others. You know that!

“Strive to improve”, work really hard at your studies, and always be kind to others – especially your families, your friends, your teachers, to whom you owe so much.

Mrs Webb is coming to Government House, just over the ridge, with student leaders on Thursday this afternoon for our annual Christmas reception. Those students may I feel be just a little excited to be attending that reception. Girls and boys, they will be representing you all; reflecting the significance of the students of all schools, for the future of our State.

And may I in conclusion especially wish the year 6 students well in their transition to High School. You are all very well equipped, coming from this superb primary school, and with your family support. 

I said, “in conclusion”: that was, I am sorry, a mistake! Finally, I must wish all of you – my dear neighbours – a very Merry Christmas.