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 at St Andrew's War Memorial Hospital, Brisbane

Official Opening of Access Arts 2019 Exhibition: Time

Thank you, Ms Swell, for your kind introduction.

Our President, Justice Bradley; Dr Rowan MP; other distinguished guests; ladies and gentlemen.

I too acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands on which we gather. I pay my respects to their Elders, and present with encouragement to their young emerging leaders.

As both Governor and Patron, it is a great pleasure to join you for this 2019 Access Arts exhibition in these new surroundings, the result of a productive partnership between Access Arts and St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital.

The exhibition highlights the fact that artistic drive and talent do not recognise boundaries, that they reside throughout our communities irrespective of the life circumstances of the artists.

However, it is important for Queenslanders with a passion for pursuing personal expression through art to have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

For 36 years, Access Arts has been providing pathways for people living with disability or disadvantage to pursue those dreams of a career in the arts – visual arts as is the case this evening, but also in the performing arts.   

For this exhibition, the participating artists have been able to access workshops designed to develop their skills to a professional level. I heartily thank the Brisbane Outsider Arts Studio, Professional Artists’ Workshop and the Camera Wanderers for their participation. 

In addition, our artists have also been supported with visual arts materials, important opportunities to meet other creative professionals, and opportunities to exhibit in quality venues such as this magnificent space.  

The result is this exhibition, built around the theme of ‘Time’. It is a concept that is at once both familiar and yet elusive, and that provides both a substantial challenge and great scope for artistic expression. 

Many of us were fortunate, a little earlier, to enjoy the variety of wonderfully individual and thought-provoking responses to the theme.

I hope many Queenslanders have the good fortune to share our experience.

I thank the artists for giving us this wonderful opportunity to benefit from their artistic talent and vision, and for the marvellous gift that it represents for the arts community and the broader community in our State. I particularly congratulate the recipient of a special commendation, which will be announced shortly. 

I thank Access Arts, St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital, and all Access Arts’ partners and sponsors for their commitment and generosity in supporting tonight’s artists and in making this exhibition possible.

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I now unwrap the gift, as it were, by declaring officially open the 2019 Access Arts Exhibition, Time.

I wish the exhibition, the artists, and all those who have supported them, every success.  

Thank you.