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 at Government House, Brisbane

Afternoon Tea for Freemasons Queensland

Kaye and I are truly delighted to welcome you to Government House on the eve of the installation of your new Grand Master.

You have every reason to be excited because the handover of leadership is not a daily occurrence. On the contrary: it’s a monumental moment to be conducted with solemn ceremony and ritual, commensurate with the importance of the occasion.

Freemasons Queensland held their first lodge meeting in 1859. Queensland memorably that year became a separate colony. Queen Victoria was our monarch, the pound our currency.

Much has changed since those early days, but the commitment of the Queensland Masons to the advancement of our State has been constant. It proudly remains an organisation for people who want to make more of themselves, of each other and their communities.

From Mossman in the north to Texas in the south, and with over 5,800 members and 250 lodges, Freemasons Queensland is now active in most parts of our State, mentoring men and working to lead and support a wide range of beneficial initiatives.

Undeniably, perhaps inevitably but certainly not deservedly so, Freemasons Queensland was long shrouded in mysticism and legend to outsiders. Over the past few years, you have made serious — and very successful — efforts to remove the veils of secrecy and explain your organisation’s mission to the public.

The installation of your new Grand Master is monumental in more than one respect. Non-Freemasons have been invited to witness the spectacle. I have been informed you will welcome visitors from around Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia. 

Before we conclude the formalities, I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Grand Master Alan Townson for his commitment to Freemasons Queensland during his tenure. Kaye and I wish you well as you step down from this important role.

I congratulate Paul Holland, who will be invested in the Grand Hall of the Masonic Memorial Centre tomorrow with both the privilege and the responsibilities of the role of Grand Master. Mr Holland, we wish you every success in the fulfilment of your important duties.

May I now invite you to enjoy the hospitality of Government House. Thank you.