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 at Government House

Honours and Awards within the Australian Honours System Investiture Ceremony H

Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys. Welcome to Government House. Kaye and I are absolutely delighted that you join us here on this very special day in your lives.

I begin by acknowledging the traditional owners of the lands on which we gather, the Turrbul and Jagera people, and pay respect to their Elders past and present with encouragement to their young emerging leaders.

Now, we know that behind every great person is a vital network of supporters, cheering them on, and so we are also delighted to welcome the valued friends, family members and colleagues here to share in today’s celebration.

Each of you is here because you have helped, in some way, these very special people to make their remarkable contribution to Queensland. So well done.

They say each person is born with boundless potential.

Barack Obama once said that only by hitching your wagon to something larger than yourself will you realise it.

Each one of the people we honour today has done just that.

They have looked beyond themselves, beyond their own immediate circle, and into their communities.

They have asked ‘who can my potential best serve’? and that is the direction their wagon has turned.

Some have found their way into the fields of health, medicine or lifesaving, where they have given tirelessly of their time and their talents.

Others are irreplaceable members of our communities, seeking to connect their fellow Queenslanders with one another, or with the services they desperately need.

Amongst your numbers are medal winners, and leaders in law, government, business and education.

Each one of you is here today because, ultimately, you chose to accept the challenge and the purpose that comes with taking responsibility not just for your own lives, but for the advancement of others.

You represent a range of endeavours that are as varied as your backgrounds and interests. 

Yet the effect of your achievements is felt throughout the communities of Queensland, and will continue to be felt for generations of Queenslanders to come

This is a day to reflect upon your efforts, take pride in your achievements and accept the gratitude of your fellow citizens, particularly those who nominated you for this honour.

Kaye and I thank you for the work you have done to better the lives of those lucky enough to call Queensland home.

We also acknowledge that this is a bittersweet moment for those who are here on behalf of a loved one, for whom this award is being bestowed posthumously.

I urge you to be immensely proud of this symbol of achievement, and of the person whose work it recognises.  

This award represents a full life, a generous life.

These honours are a culmination of many disciplined years of work and community service.

I am extremely privileged to represent the people of Queensland, and it is on their behalf that I thank you all for the important contributions made to our State.

Thank you.