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 at Government House

Reception in support of World MS Day

Chair and Board members of MS Queensland, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen.

Kaye and I are delighted you could join us to mark World MS Day here at Fernberg, your Government House.

Today gives us the opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of Multiple Sclerosis Queensland its Executive Team, Board members, donors, fundraisers and, of course, MS Queensland’s tireless staff members and volunteers.

For over 60 years this remarkable organisation has given vital support to thousands of people throughout Queensland.

On behalf of our State, it is my great privilege to thank you for the work you do in raising awareness of MS and in supporting your fellow Queenslanders who are so drastically impacted by it.

The theme of this year’s MS Day is My Invisible MS.

Invisible is an evocative word.

It suggests a mystery a thing that’s intangible or impossible to describe.

It is the perfect choice to describe MS  a disease that makes life highly unpredictable for its 2.3 million sufferers worldwide.

MS brings with it many symptoms that no one will ever be able to see.

These symptoms vary.  No-one person with MS is the same.

There is no ‘benchmark’ to compare to.

It is, indeed, elusive.

In fact, invisibility is probably the only common thread people with MS share.

Perhaps that is why, more than ever, it is vital we raise awareness of MS and the unseen impacts it has on quality of life. 

The ‘My Invisible MS’ campaign gives those affected by MS a chance to share their stories, in order to bring what is unseen into the light.

I’d like to acknowledge the work of everyone involved this past month in spreading the word about MS because this campaign has been anything but invisible.

Indeed, Queensland has been lit up in MS Red with spectacular success  from the Brisbane City Hall and Storey Bridge, to Sandgate Town Hall, QPAC, Ipswich Civic Centre, God Coast Centenary park and many locations in between.

As Patron of MS Queensland I couldn’t be prouder.

There is much work to do, if a cure for MS is to be found.

But World MS Day is also a chance to celebrate just how much has already been achieved, particularly in MS research.

Every step on this journey gets us closer to a time when the mystery of this disease is finally solved.

Until then, I support and commend you all for your continued efforts to raise money, to spread the word and, most vitally, to care and support Queenslanders living with MS and their families.

Thank you.