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 at Government House, Brisbane

Boys’ and Girls’ Brigades Queensland Presentation of Queen’s Badges and Awards

Boys’ Brigade State President, Mr Gordon Wallace; Girls’ Brigade State Commissioner, Mrs Heather Richards; distinguished guests; ladies and gentlemen; boys and girls.

Kaye and I are delighted to host this evening’s reception, as we celebrate one of the annual calendar highlights for the Boys’ and Girls’ Brigades in Queensland – the presentation of the Queen’s Badges and Awards.

As Patron of these two wonderful organisations, and as representative of Her Majesty The Queen in our State, it is an immense honour and joy to welcome you all to Government House.

This is the sixth year I have presided over this event, yet each time, as I meet another group of diligent awardees, I am heartened that the extensive knowledge and positive qualities you have developed while involved with the Brigades will stand this State in good stead for the future.

Tonight’s achievements symbolize more than an end result – they are a culmination of genuine dedication to fulfilling the objectives and upholding the values of the Brigades over many years – at a time in your lives, when other demands make this commitment a significant one.

As you fulfilled the many different and difficult tasks required to qualify for your awards, you learned that the most memorable and lasting effect of your achievement is not what you did, but what those activities helped you to become. 

Indeed, in enthusiastically embracing this challenge, you have not only worked hard to develop your own abilities, but have had a positive effect on others in your communities, and that is deeply admirable.

By cultivating traits such as courage, empathy and a sense of responsibility you will continue to have a constructive influence on those around you, throughout your lives, regardless of what jobs or careers you pursue.

For many, this journey began at home, through the support of family, friends and loved ones. Your Brigade leaders then gave you the opportunity to excel through fun activities and beneficial mentorship. I know you will join with me in thanking these important people for their tremendous contributions.

I also commend the Boy’s and Girls’ Brigades for fostering an environment of inclusion, opportunity and adventure for our young Queenslanders. Strong individuals create strong communities and that is why the Brigades are such valued contributors to our State.

Finally, I congratulate each of our award recipients for your remarkable achievements, and I wish you continued success as you take all you have learned out into the world.

Kaye and I invite you to enjoy the hospitality of Government House tonight, and we look forward to meeting you all.