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 at Mount Sylvia State School, Mount Sylvia

Official Visit to Mount Sylvia State School

Thank you, Ella, for your kind welcome. Principal, Mr Thompson; Mayor, Cr Milligan; ladies and gentlemen; boys and girls.

Mrs de Jersey and I are delighted to be here at Mount Sylvia State School – the first ever visit by a Queensland Governor!

We have heard many wonderful things about your School.

I know it was established 135 years ago in 1885 – that makes your School quite old, a lot older than me, and a lot older than The Queen, whom I represent here in Queensland.

Term 4 must be very busy for you all – some students went on camp last week to the environmental education centre at Jacobs Well; other students are off to Gatton for swimming, and this week is Book Fair!

I was very impressed to learn of the focus on reading and writing – as was Mrs de Jersey, she is a librarian! Mrs de Jersey will tell you how important it is to read – it can lead you to exciting places!

On the way to Mount Sylvia today, the Mayor was also telling us about another wonderful aspect of this School: its community spirit.

The Mayor told me that during the bushfires, the School was transformed into a hub for firefighters to operate from.

That must have been a scary and difficult time for you.

But Mount Sylvia State School is the heart of this district. During good times and bad times, it is a place where people come together to support one another, and to ensure that everyone is looked after.

It is very important to support each other, and to respect each other, particularly when things aren’t going so well. 

And it is important to thank your teachers and Principal – I know they all enjoy working at this School, which means they enjoy teaching you.

Thank you all once again for welcoming us here today. We have loved being at your School – it may be small, but is has a big heart and your teachers are here to ensure you have bright futures. We look forward to listening to the concert pieces, and to having our photograph taken with you on this historic occasion.