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 at Lyceum Club Brisbane

Lyceum Club Brisbane Christmas Morning Tea 2020

Speech delivered by Mrs Kaye de Jersey: Thank you, Mrs Andrews, for your kind introduction.

Thank you to the officeholders and members for welcoming me so warmly to the Lyceum Club Brisbane this morning. This annual Christmas function is one I look forward to with relish – not just because I am Patron, but because I know I am once again amongst friends. 

This year has been an especially difficult one, bringing with it fear and uncertainty. I am sure many of you experienced sadness and distress at being separated from your loved ones, as did Paul and I.

Many of the events we had planned at Government House were disrupted; as I know has also been the case for the Lyceum Club, including today’s usual performances by the Lyceum Singers and the winner of the Doreen Ord Lyceum Club prize.

It is at times like these that our circle of friends becomes even more important.

The Lyceum Club Brisbane is very special, because it ensures the forging of strong connections, many of which are life-long, and also encourages intellectual enrichment through curiosity. 

It represents a model built on the grit, determination and bravery of trailblazing women who recognised that learning does not have limits.

Regardless of the Club’s physical location—and there have been many over the years—it has always been a place for exploration that thrives on the value of ideas. 

It has seen generations of women enjoy thought-provoking and lively discussion, the sharing of knowledge, and the opportunity to pursue varied interests.

As celebrated Queensland writer Thea Astley remarked, looking back at her time as an emerging writer—“I live through the teaching week for those Sunday afternoon meetings at the Lyceum Club where we talk books and poetry and drink tea and eat Sao biscuits topped with tomato and cheese”. 

I applaud the management committee for holding true to your foundational principles, which have weathered the many changes wrought by time.

As I am sure your members will agree, there is always a place for human interaction in the company of like-minded souls. This is the motivation that will see the Lyceum Club remain strong through its next one hundred years.

Now, I wish you all a safe and happy Christmas season, as you look forward to a fruitful year ahead. Thank you.