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 at Bunnyconnellen, Crows Nest

Crows Nest Community Afternoon Tea

Mayor, Councillor Paul Antonio and fellow Councillors; distinguished guests; ladies and gentlemen; girls and boys. It is a great honour for Kaye and me to host this afternoon’s event, and to meet some of the wonderful people who call home this very special part of Queensland – from Crows Nest, Ravensbourne, Pechey, Hampton and surrounding districts.

Visiting regional communities gives us tremendous pleasure, because while every place is made unique by its history and location, there is a common thread of determined solidarity that we find truly inspirational.

At no time is community cohesion more apparent – or necessary – than when disaster strikes. Just a few short months ago, the Pechey fire took hold in bone-dry conditions, when searing heat, and unpredictable winds made its spread rapid, aggressive and dangerous.

Homes were lost, buildings destroyed, and the Crows Nest district endured many days of terror, and uncertainty as the fire tripled in size, and threatened the township itself, forcing the school’s closure and the evacuation of residents.

These are not everyday events, yet they were met with courage, and tireless perseverance.

I would like to thank our incredible firefighters – so many of whom are local volunteers – as well as the members of our other emergency services, the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, and the Toowoomba Regional Council, for your coordinated efforts. You saved lives and properties, when the sheer scale and ferocity of this fire made your work deeply treacherous.

We should also pay tribute to those who supported their community in other ways. 

When over one hundred residents from the Crows Nest Aged Care facility required evacuation and relocation, local families and businesses in the region offered help – swiftly and without fuss.

I know you have endured much over these last years, and that the emotional and financial effects of prolonged drought have caused hardship for all (and we must not forget the challenges faced from the 2011 floods).

Yet, with its natural beauty, rich history, and array of interesting businesses, this region has much to offer residents and tourists alike.

During my visit today, I have been encouraged by the resolute commitment shown by all to making the Crows Nest district an even better place.

Earlier today, Kaye and I visited the Crows Nest State School, and took a stroll through the main street of your charming town, before enjoying lunch at one of your local cafes.

I know you are proud to live here, and remain loyal to the lifestyle the Crows Nest district offers.

On behalf of all Queenslanders, I commend you for your fortitude, and thank you for demonstrating what the term community spirit really means.