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 at Ingham State School Ingham

Official Visit to Ingham State School

Member for Hinchinbrook; Mayor Jayo; Principal, Mr Barnes; teachers, staff and students of Ingham State School.

I thank the students for the acknowledgement of country this morning, and I too extend respectful greetings to Elders and emerging leaders of the region’s traditional owners.

I am delighted to be making my very first visit, with my wife Kaye, to Ingham as your Governor. We are both very pleased to include your School in the itinerary for our special road trip up the Bruce Highway from Townsville to Cairns.

I am the twenty-sixth person to represent the Sovereign as Queensland Governor since we separated from New South Wales more than a hundred and sixty years ago – but I am not the first one to visit Ingham.

I have been reading about past vice-regal visits and one story that I very much enjoyed happened almost ninety years ago when Sir John Goodwin and his wife, Lady Goodwin came here by train.

The town turned out in force to great His Excellency and there was a very busy program of activities, including a welcome reception.

At the end of his speech, Sir John asked the Head Teacher, Mr Burton, if he might award a holiday to the children. Fortunately, Mr Burton agreed and there were enthusiastic cheers for the Governor.

I am sorry to report that Governors can’t do that anymore, of course – I’d be in all sorts of trouble with Mr Barnes if I did.

But I do thank you for your warm welcome here today. 

Kaye and I are very much looking forward to shortly visiting the Year 6 and Prep classrooms.

Kaye is going to read to the Preppies a children’s book based on the real life of a German Shepherd named Gavel. He was training to be a police dog but was too friendly. After trying out other jobs, Gavel finds his place, where he now lives, at the Governor’s official residence in Brisbane, where he wears a special coat with the Queensland State Badge, greets people and gets lots of pats.      

The book – ‘Gavel finds his place’ – will be kept by your School library.

Girls and boys of Ingham State School, I hope you will be inspired by Gavel’s story.

Try your best at School. And remember, there are many pathways to success. And if you do not succeed the first time, try again. Always do your best. Thank you again for your warm welcome. We look forward to learning more about your impressive School. Kaye and I wish you all well for the rest of this school year and for your future studies.