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 at Wesley Hospital Brisbane

Official Opening of the Wesley Medical Research COVID-19 Rapid Response Research Centre

Thank you, Chair, for your kind welcome. I too acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands around Brisbane and extend respectful greetings to Elders and emerging leaders.

As Governor and Chief Patron of Wesley Medical Research, I am very pleased to be in such eminent company this afternoon, both in person and virtually, to officially open the COVID-19 Rapid Response Research Centre.

It is somewhat ironic – but reassuring – that this should be my very first attendance at a public gathering in Brisbane for several months! 

Establishing the Research Centre in early April was an excellent initiative. I congratulate and commend Wesley Medical Research on the leadership role they have taken in fast-tracking the search for answers to the many questions posed by COVID-19.

In just ten weeks, they have drawn together expertise in intensive care, innovation, cardiovascular health and other key areas, to build a holistic framework which will both aid recovery and strengthen community resilience. 

The four research objectives of the Centre are visionary but highly practical. Clinical trials of the effects of hydroxychloroquine on thousands of health care workers, both here and overseas, will produce much greater understanding.   

Similarly, studying hundreds of intensive care centres across 49 countries will help produce a clear road map from the tangle of detours and bumpy tracks that the world has travelled to date in the journey towards a solution to COVID-19. 

Studying the effects of the disease on patients with pre-existing heart conditions and piloting a new model of mental health care – supported by Mitsubishi Development – will also produce far-reaching benefits for regional communities and the global medical community.

As Governor, I am very pleased to pledge my support for this excellent and highly relevant work. 

I thank the Board, administrative staff, researchers and donors for their ongoing contributions to and support for Wesley Medical Research.

One of the great privileges as Governor, and prior as Chief Justice, is coming to know more of Queensland’s science and research expertise. I am continually blown away frankly at the depth and breadth of our State’s capacities, revealed through impressive initiatives like this Research Centre. Thank you to you all, you are indeed remarkable Queenslanders. Your humanity brings great credit to our State. 

On that uplifting note, it is now my great honour, as Governor and Chief Patron, to declare officially open, the Wesley Medical Research COVID-19 Rapid Response Research Centre. May the momentum continue!