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 at Ascot State School Brisbane

Ascot State School Assembly

Principal, Ms Coleman; distinguished guests; staff, students and supporters of Ascot State School.

Kaye and I are delighted to be with you to help celebrate Ascot State School’s centenary year.

I too acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands around Brisbane, and extend respectful greetings to Elders and emerging leaders.

While this is my first official visit to your School, I cannot boast being the first Governor of Queensland to pass through the gates –  Sir Matthew Nathan visited in 1922, and Sir Leslie Wilson visited at least twice, in 1934 and 1937.

However, I am, I think, the only Queensland Governor to have a father who was once Principal here – that was in the 1970s.

This personal connection makes me feel very proud.

Of course, since my father’s days at this school, much has changed.   

Indeed, if I were to have visited in the 1970s when he was here, I would certainly not have seen the work of the Year 2 Robotics class, as I did before coming to Assembly!

Yet, despite obvious advancements in subjects and teaching methods, those two early visiting Governors would still be able to recognise this School, because it not only remains an exceptional place of learning, but has always protected its historic buildings, cared for its beautiful grounds, and maintained its deep connections to the wider Ascot community.

It was largely through the efforts of local people that the School was able to open its doors to its first keen young pupils. Since then, one hundred years of parents and local supporters have worked hard to continue to improve the facilities you appreciate today.

Over the School’s long history, the Ascot community has faced challenges and triumphs, yet it is the strength in togetherness that has helped make this place such a vital social focus for the area.

I know that your original plans to celebrate the centenary on the actual opening day in May were cancelled due to COVID-19, but I believe your motto “Strive to Achieve” rings true now as it always has.

However achievements rarely happen in isolation. They occur largely as a result of the involvement of others. 

The Student of the Week Awards and Special Centenary Badges I will hand out shortly are built on a long and solid tradition of outstanding united effort.

Today, I warmly congratulate your Principal, Ms Coleman, the P & C Association, teachers, staff, parents and enthusiastic local supporters, for ensuring Ascot State School has remained true to and even exceeded its early aspirations. 

Students, while I am sorry I am by law unable to grant you a special holiday tomorrow, as my two predecessor Governors did when they visited in the 1920s and 1930s, I know you will enjoy the celebrations planned to commemorate this very special year in your School’s history.

By the way, girls and boys, I realised yesterday at Government House that I should be sensitive in what I wore today, and I compliment you and your parents on your pristine presentation. I looked up the School’s excellent webpage, and quickly identified the uniform colours of blue and red.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a blue and red striped tie, but here you see me – a blue tie and a red pocket handkerchief. In a trivial matter I have done my best: I am sure that, coming from this very fine, pre-eminently fine, School, in all matters you will always do your best. Thank you.