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 at Windorah Community Centre Windorah

Afternoon Tea in Support of the Windorah Community

 Mayor; distinguished guests; ladies and gentlemen; girls and boys.

I at once acknowledge the traditional owners of these lands, and extend respectful greetings to Elders and emerging leaders.

What a joy it is to be back in Windorah!

Very early in my term as Governor – in fact just one month after I commenced official duties in July 2014 – I welcomed the entire student populations of Windorah, Ilfracombe and Muttaburra State Schools (all 35 of them!) into my Study at Government House in Brisbane.

It is always a happy occasion to welcome people to Government House, particularly young people who bring a sense of exploration and excitement to new experiences.

Over the ensuing six and a half years, it has been supremely important to Kaye and me to travel widely throughout the State and see the many different cities, towns, communities and regions, and of course connect with our people and citizens.

Our Regional Government House program has been one such connection point.

It was thanks to this initiative that Kaye and I visited Windorah for the first time as Governor in 2016, when Regional Government House was based in Longreach for a week.  

That memorable visit features in a new book about the interactions of Governors and Queenslanders, which you will learn more about shortly from the Deputy Official Secretary.

Our wonderful State is rich and diverse in its geography and its people.  

We often speak of Queenslanders as hardy and strong people, as a collective citizenry who pull through difficult times together and are always there to help neighbours and friends.

Sometimes, it is our smallest cities and communities that teaches us the importance of these values.

And so today, Kaye and I say thank you for welcoming us back into your community. We look forward to meeting many of you throughout the course of this afternoon tea. Thank you.