The Governor is invited to speak at a wide range of significant official, ceremonial and community events, including the Opening of Parliament, ANZAC Day ceremonies and events for Patron groups. A selection of these speeches is available below in a searchable database.

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 at Anglican Church Grammar School Brisbane

Dinner with the Anglican Church Grammar School

Chairman and fellow School Council Members; Headmaster; ladies and gentlemen.

When Kaye and I arrived at Government House for the very first time as Governor on 29 July 2014, we were greeted by a most unexpected of welcomes.

Students from Milton State School and “Churchie”, and staff, lined the entry to the front doors, waving us in.

This came as a complete surprise to Kaye and me – and it was for us a most moving experience. It was then, before entering the House, that Kaye memorably called to all the students on the Lower Lawn, saying: “I would love to be the grandmother of each and every one of you!”

It has been a great personal honour, since that day, as an ‘Old Boy’ now Governor, to frequently recognise the contributions to our State of the Anglican Church Grammar School – in 2014, at the special assembly in the presence of Prince Edward; in 2015, for the Gurkhas Welfare Fund presentation and laying the Foundation Stone for the Centenary Library I would, in 2017, officially open; in 2016, when reviewing the Tri-Service Cadets graduation parade; unveiling the striking bronze statue, ‘The Spirit of St Magnus’, by Rhyl Hinwood in Magnus Quad on 10th August 2017; and just this Monday, hosting the Headmaster and current students, Masters Campbell Mountford and Lawson McCamley, at Government House for the launch of the latest Government House publication, the ‘Governors of Modern Queensland’.

Every occasion confirms for me – as if I need reminding – the endemic capacity of this School to educate and develop exceptional young men who make meaningful contributions to Queensland.

And as part of my acknowledgement, may I present to the School my copies of ‘An Old Boys’ Scrap Book’ and ‘The Making of Men’? The Chairman assures me the former is becoming something of a rarity! And also, my School Tie, which may interest the Museum!

Thank you for your generous hospitality tonight, as we continue to acknowledge this impressively fine Queensland institution.